Hiking and Biking in Formentera

hiking and biking in formentera

Hiking and Biking in Formentera

A great activity around the world and ever more so in Formentera is to go Hiking and Biking around the island. Especially during the off-season months when the weather is sweet. The temperatures are not as high as in summer. Yet the climate is still very reasonable throughout srping and autumn.

Biking has become very popular on the island with new routes being added. The degree of difficulty allows everyone to join in as there are very few difficult tracks. There are also hardly any climbs which makes for very comfortable mountain biking.

You can rent a bicycle on the island for around €10.00 per day. Depending on the rental agency, bikes can be of good quality. Make sure you always ask for a mountain bike as these are much better fit for the surroundings. Formentera is full of dirt tracks, and little passage ways through the woods.

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Hiking around the island in a few days

You can literally walk around the island in a matter of days. There is a special event yearly of runners racing across the whole of the coastline. This track is about 72 KM long, so maybe too much to walk in a day. Great routes are to be found on this track. We recommend you only take part in the most beautiful parts. Unless of course you are here for a longer period of time and are in shape.

Things to know before going hiking and biking

Formentera is a relatively small island, but that does not mean you should not think about safety. The number one priority when doing activities here is hydration. You would be surprised how many people forget this very important fact. Even during the off season month the sun is very strong and will de-hydrate your body easily. Make sure you are always prepared with enough water and plan your trip in advance. During the summer it is not recommended to have longer walks because of the high temperatures.