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We have to follow a strict code of conduct each and every day. This makes out life extremely boring, so we need to have a new fun by venturing out somewhere far away from our destination. This is called “traveling”.


Travel is referred to the phenomena of hovering from someplace to other which can be done by any of the transportation media. The time included in traveling may vary. Someone may opt for long hours while some others just for a short time. Travelling includes many motives like relaxation, pleasure, exploring and having adventures, to know about the societal and cultural background of a place.

There have been many tales from the ancient authors about traveling. One of the most famous ones is “Around the World in Eighty Days.” There is a huge difference between a tourist and a traveler. A tourist is a person who is out to visit placeswith the objective of having a pleasure. When we optfor touring, we are well informed about that place. But traveling is something different. In traveling, we do not know about the place beforehand. We go out for venturing and exploring new places.


Based on the places we are traveling they can be classified as local, regional or international. A local travel space requires an only reservation in the means of transport we are opting for while if we are traveling to some other country we need to be well equipped with any kind of identity proofs, Passport,and VISA.


Travelling is coming from the days of ancient history. Our ancient kings and queens always ventured to some places in search of exploring something new. The Mughal empire kings to the Romans, all of them were out to have an adventure of new places. The most important example from the history can be taken of Christopher Columbus who went out in exploration and finally reached to find a new place the United States. Traveling in the ancient days was very tough. People had to choose for horse driven carts, caravans, peddlers, ships to travel to long places. With the advancement in technology, bicycles, motorbikes, trains, were discovered to take people from one place to the other. Now the world is a global village where you can travel to any place within a fraction of seconds with the help of jet planes.


People spend their money in search of new places because it gives them pleasure. Travelling makes us happy. It helps us to forget the daily stressful activities and brings health change in us. Doctors even suggest going for traveling when you are mentally sick. The traveling industry is going to find higher demands in the coming years.

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